Communication is the Key to Success


The first step in any new project is communication with you to determine exactly What you Want and What you Need

I will work with you to define Exactly what you want your New Website to accomplish for you.

This first step is extremely important as Communication is the Key to Success!

I begin to work on your Project

The first couple of days I will work on some basic page layouts and create a layout for each page that we know must be in your new Website.
This will include pages for the "back-end" Administration as necessary.

Create Sub-Domain for you

The purpose of using a Sub-Domain is too allow you to Participate in the Development process by seeing what I am doing and also using/testing your New Website as it is being developed. You and I are now a Team, I will depend on your Feedback. You can only give Feedback if you participate by using your new website/application and letting me know what you think is both Good and what you Don't Like.

Keep in mind that during Development you will probably see some errors and most likely will see some things that you want changed. This is the time to let me know so I can make these modifications as necessary. Remember Communication is the Key to Success!

Move the pages to the new Sub-Domain

I will upload changes and additions to your Sub-Domain every few days so that you will always be able to see and test your new Website.

This is extremely important to both of us as you can let us know immediately if you have questions and/or suggestions about what I am doing.

I continue using the Sub-Domain until Your Project is ready to move to Your Domain.

Then I move it to your domain and the testing will continue until everything is working the way we agreed it should on your domain.

Over the years I have found that this is the most effective and efficient method of designing and developing a Project.

Remember: Communication is the Key to Success!